August 2015 Newsletter

You Are What You Eat……..and Think, and Feel, and Believe.


We’ve all heard the expression “You Are What You Eat” countless times, and it’s true. What we choose to put into our bodies makes a big difference in our health and wellbeing. But that’s only part of the equation.

As we saw in the video with Bruce Lipton from last month’s newsletter, our beliefs (or consciousness), not our genes, controls our inner and outer worlds much more than we’ve given them credit for in the past. In fact, it’s still not even widely acknowledged that they even play a role in our lives! But study after study, as well as empirical knowledge, continue to show their importance on shaping both our inner (meaning physical health and wellbeing) and outer (how we see the world around us and interact with it).

We’ve all heard stories about people who “spontaneously” went into remission from cancer or some other disease. Perhaps you even know someone who has. Modern western medicine simply writes it off as a fluke, unable to see anything causally related, and simply moves on to the next patient, somehow thinking that it’s just a one-off event that happened to this one patient;  a “miracle” perhaps. But there’s been just too many instances where this has happened for it to be just random chance. And when people actually take the time to talk to these patients, time and again the stories are the same; something profound changed within them. For some, they were able to change how they perceived their illness and were able to use visualization to “eat the cancer away.” For others though, it was more a “letting go”; a letting go of a fear, of an anger, of a hatred towards someone or something, or it was truly forgiving someone. By truly and profoundly letting go of a deep seated emotion or belief, these people were able to cure their “incurable illness!” And if that’s the case, and letting go of these emotions and beliefs cured the illness, then is it too much of a stretch to say that it was the deep seated emotion or belief that caused the illness in the first place? Think about that for a moment. Doesn’t that throw the whole medical model of how we view health and illness on its head? The idea that something “out there” made us sick, or I caught some germ or mystery virus somehow, or that it’s my “bad genes” that gave me cancer. It just simply can’t be true. Nothing happens “to us”, it all happens “from us.”

That’s a big shift. That we’re responsible for our own health and well-being. That we can both cause and cure our illnesses with our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Easier said than done obviously, but possible. The big question now is how? Just by acknowledging that you have more control over your health and well-being than you thought is a big first step. It’s very empowering. Being “mindful” of every thought, action, belief, word, etc., can go a long way towards shifting both your inner and your outer worlds. In future newsletters, I’ll continue to address this topic, since it’s obviously a very large and complex concept. But for now, just let this concept really sink in, that you control your inner and outer world, your overall well-being, by your thoughts, beliefs, judgements, opinions, etc.

Here’s a great Tedx Talk that I stumbled upon after writing this newsletter and she talks about almost everything I wrote about here. Enjoy.


In Good Health,

Dr. Grosman